Friday, December 30, 2016

In My Dreams

In my dreams, those that I create with my eyes wide open, I sit in a small cafe, holding a strong cup of coffee and lookout at the street around me. The people shuffling by on their way to shop, or work, or to meet loved ones for the same cup of coffee. I am there, and I am soaking in all the sounds and sights of the city I am in at that time. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to explore destinations unknown; exotic locales. To meet foreign hearts and minds, to see every part of the world, seeing more then I remember and remembering more then I've seen.
In my mind, I have always been an adventurer. I was that princess in the faraway castle tower, or the discoverer in the pyramids. The explorer in the jungle, the voyager in the bluest of oceans.
I have only recently (in the last few years) been able to achieve some of these dreams, changing them from the most beautiful of daydreams to the most amazing of life stories.  I've decided to start this blog, with the help of my greatest adventure, my love Keith, to help share some of these experiences with our friends and families and all the gypsy souls out there. 
I want to start with some flashbacks, perhaps to places we have already been, and share those. And I also want to share our current trip in the making, to the UK in March 2017. I hope you will find it interesting and will be inspired to live out your own dreams; learn some tips and tricks, or at the very least, learn what not to do. See you soon with the first flashback. <3