Monday, January 2, 2017

Memory Maker

Some people believe that spending time behind a camera, sharing pictures of your location, your experiences, and the people you are with takes away from being in the moment. That ideally, you may leave the camera, or cell phone behind. Although I do believe you should be in the moment, enjoying everything around you with all your senses, seeing the colors, feeling the weather, smelling the flowers, hearing the sounds of life around you, I also believe preserving those moments so that you can relive them again later and share them with your loved ones or those who are interested, is just as valuable if not more so. When we die, we only take our memories. Having a tangible way to relive those moments is so incredibly important to me.
On that note, I'm spending today learning my memory makers for our upcoming trip! The Canon Rebel T5 (DSLR), Ricoh Theta 360° cam, and the Olympus Tough. (I added the links, cause I know some of my peeps like to check out tech specs). If anyone wants examples pics, cause they are in the market for a new toy, let me know and I can share some with you!

To this end, I've spent some time today watching the Canon Australia YouTube Channel for my own education. Not only do I get to listen to a fabulous accent, #winning,  I also get to learn the fundamentals of my camera; which I have not elected to do in the last year. I've been a bit of a Auto Setting, point & click gal. I recently received a wide angle lense for better landscape photography. I haven't used it much yet, as I don't really understand it. Thus the reason for todays lessons. The Canon will provide the best overall quality pictures for landscapes such as Cliffs of Moher, buildings or monuments such as Edinburgh Castle, or a day of street art hunting in London. 
The 360° cam is pretty easy to use and learn. Just stand or sit in the middle of what you want to have a 360° pic of and click! I love it, its exactly my type of technology. :) I cant wait to use it in busy city centers or in beautiful gardens. It also very small and portable, making it awesome to take quick pics inside of restaurants or museums. 
And last, the Tough. The Tough is a action camera. Basically a good quality point and shoot with a 5x optical zoom in armor. We have used it underwater when swimming with the sharks off the coast of Oahu, when snorkeling, and some landscape pics. Its a great little point and click and also easy to carry around if we decide we don't want to lug around the Canon and all its parts everywhere for a day. Its also waterproof, which may come in handy in rainy London, freezeproof, and shockproof. It really is...tough. I think we have our bases more then covered! Between cell phones and cameras and the lovely invention of cloud storage, we will have all the pics and videos any person could ask for! 
What type of memory makers do you travel with? Any recommendations for me?